March 30, 2021

Author: Jacquie Maynard

Last year may have been tumultuous for most of us, but for Inner Spirit Holdings Ltd. (Inner Spirit), the gloomy clouds had a silver lining. According to financial results released last week, the company reported an increase in system-wide retail sales of 258% over 2019, bringing in a cool $105.3 million across all franchised and corporate-owned stores.

“Inner Spirit certainly didn’t experience anything near a normal retail environment in 2020 due to the ongoing pandemic,” said Darren Bondar, President and CEO of Inner Spirit. “Our Spiritleaf franchise partners and employees have been instrumental in keeping the organization focused and able to serve our communities and our customers to the best of our ability and in a safe manner at all times. These efforts enabled us to achieve many goals in 2020 as we became the largest single-brand cannabis retailer in the country while delivering a truly authentic Spiritleaf experience to our customers.”

Read the full update here, from cannabisretailer.ca.