Just In Time For Canada Day, Leafly Expands Order And Delivery System To Country

June 26, 2019

Jun 26, 2019

Seattle-based cannabis website Leafly is expanding its order and delivery system that first launched March 2018 in the U.S., to Canada. Dubbed Leafly Pickup, this function operates pretty much the way it has stateside: Customers check out the menus of participating cannabis retailers, order what they want and then pick up the products directly in-store from the retailer.

Don’t get too excited, Canada. There’s a caveat, though: Right now, Leafly Pickup is only available with one Canadian cannabis retailer, Spritleaf. So if you’re in Canada and you want to take advantage of this new system, you’ll have to be willing travel to various Spiritleaf locations in the country that include Alberta, Saskatchewan, Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta. Other retailers are expected to follow Spritleaf, so says a new release announcing the Canadian launch of Leafly Pickup.

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