Spiritleaf Stittsville, Ottawa Store Grand Opening

July 25, 2020

Stocked with quality, curated cannabis! We are proud to be opening another Spiritleaf location in our countries capital city of Ottawa. This time, in the district of Stittsville. Located just west of the downtown core, this urban community features a variety of attractions for visitors and residents.  Including a local brewery, flea market and even a rustic Italian eatery. The community is home to several professional athletes, such as an Olympic Gold Medalist and some notable entertainers. For dog lovers, there is a designated off-leash area, offering beautiful fields and trails. Take a walk on the TransCanada Trail to enjoy the local scenery.  Talk with a Spiritleaf concierge for more information by visiting a location nearest you, http://bit.ly/2O1WG9B.

*Must be of legal age.


Unit C10, 1250 Stittsville Main Street

Ottawa, ONT

Grand opening event:  July 25th, 2020.