Spiritleaf Parkdale, Toronto Store Grand Opening

October 3, 2020

Weve created a welcoming and comfortable environment!

Spiritleaf will soon be opening a location in the district of Parkdale.  This store is located west of downtown Toronto, within view of the Sunnyside Boardwalk along Lake Ontario and close proximity to the popular urban green space High Park.  It is nestled in South Parkdale at the Queen Street West, Roncesvalles, King Street & Queensway intersection — a transit hub with easy access to the waterfront bicycle and walking trails.  Parkdale proudly features a mix of Victorian-era style homes, high-rise apartments, trendy shops, antiques, cafes and bars.  This area has a strong cultural vibrancy and eclectic artistry.  It is considered a residential neighbourhood with a unique demographic, hosting many newcomers to Canada.  With an edibles garden and an Arts and Cultural Centre, there’s a lot for locals to enjoy.  This colourful suburb also offers top-notch dining at the Grand Electric or visit the amazing Miss Thing’s.  Get store details here.  Learn more about the recreational cannabis retail experience by visiting a Spiritleaf location nearest you, https://spiritleaf.ca/locations/. *Must be of legal age. 


1698 Queen Street West

Toronto, ONT

Grand opening event happening Oct 3, 2020.